Trident Energy is an independent developer of enabling technology for the offshore renewables industry. We have developed “PowerPod” using our patented and low cost, highly controllable linear generator that converts reciprocating motion directly into electricity.

Our PowerPod technology reduced the complexity and equipment required in converting sea wave motion into electricity.   PowerPod uses standard “off-the-shelf” Solid State power electronics to control the generator and to convert electrical output into useable electrical power.   PowerPod  can be used as the power take-off system in many different Wave Energy Converters (WECs) and oscillating hydrofoil tidal stream devices.

Trident is currently developing a small wave energy generator that can be attached to other offshore infrastructure to provide autonomous off-grid power. Generating electricity from sea waves reduces the use of offshore diesel generators – reducing re-fuelling costs and minimising environmental risk from fuel spills. Powerpod offers a viable alternative to burning diesel offshore and we are keen to work with partners to integrate our clean and sustainable autonomous power solution with next-generation offshore wind foundations.

Trident’s PowerPod generator is positioned as the “Intel Inside” of the offshore renewable energy market, offering a generic, modular solution to reduce the costs of a wide range of host infrastructure.