PowerPod is a modular unit containing a number of our patented linear generators. PowerPod is a generic and highly controllable power take-off solution with multiple applications in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy generation.

Our patented generator technology has ideal characteristics for generating electricity from wave motion.

Generic Our generators can be installed in any device with a linear power capture motion including point absorbing or oscillating surge type wave energy converters as well as the oscillating hydrofoil type of tidal energy converter.
Low cost and reliable Simple design, one moving part and readily available raw materials make our generator low cost to manufacture and reliable in operation.
Adaptable Modular design allows PowerPod to be adapted to a wide range of low and high energy wave climates around the world.
Efficient Energy conversion is direct, eliminating losses created by involving intermediate systems such as gearboxes or hydraulics.
Highly controllable Direct drive technology allows real time generator response enabling control strategies for wave-by-wave optimisation.
Dual function – Motor as well as Generator PowerPod can be switched into motor mode to move into a safe configuration during severe weather.